How to Rock Fall’s Top 3 Beauty Looks Now


The runways for Fall 2016 were filled with some glamorous, but easy to do makeup looks. Bright blue and turquoise for the eyes? Yes! Moody lip hues? Bring it on. But three looks were so outstanding, they need to become part of your regular makeup routine. Forever. We’re not even remotely joking. Fresh, flawless skin; a bold, powerful lip; and long, fluttering lashes are looks that will always be in, no matter what’s happening on or off the runways. Consider these the classics, and no matter your style, they will work for you. Whether you’re going for a grungy, nineties look, or a sparkly golden shimmer, start here and add on. We got the lowdown from makeup artist Carrie LaMarca on how to achieve these key looks. We promise if you start with these three looks, you won’t need a filter.

To create the perfect bare-faced look, LaMarca says prepping your skin is a must. It’s all about taking care of your face: clean, exfoliate, and moisturize. “The best way to keep it clear is to make sure it’s clean, and using a sonic brush and exfoliating really helps,” she says.

For a no-makeup makeup look, ditch the foundation and go lighter. “We used COVERGIRL Clean Matte BB Cream,” LaMarca said. The BB cream is matte and will hide any imperfections without looking heavy and clogging pores. Put your foundation brush away and use your fingers. “The warmth of your hand helps it to melt into your skin better.”

LaMarca added a light concealer under the eyes—again with her fingers. “Use your ring finger and pat it in,” she instructed. “Pat and blend.” Just be sure to wash and dry your hands before applying.

A major lash look is on point this season. (And every season, because who doesn’t love thick lashes?) Before you apply any mascara, make sure your lashes are clean. “Use something really gentle,” LaMarca advises. “The more lashes you lose, the less volume you’re going to have.” Wise words to live by.

LaMarca’s mascara technique is life changing (we tried it!). “First, I’ll do one coat all through out horizontally, one light coat.” For this look, she used The Super Sizer Fibers Mascara to really add oomph and volume. It has built-in fibers to add to your luscious lashes. LaMarca then flipped the wand vertically, and did “a windshield wiper motion with the tip of the wand.” She does a final, horizontal brush, and voila, gorgeous lashes.

These days, anything goes with lipsticks. You can opt for a super intense black shade or keep it classic with a nice red. “The biggest thing is to line and fill your lip in the same color lipstick,” LaMarca instructs.

All you need for the perfect pout is liner and lipstick. “l line the outside edges, the upper part of the lip, and then connect the dots. Then I fill in the entire lip with the pencil.” This gives the lipstick something to stick to. She then adds a thick coat of Katy Kat Matte Lipstick, a velvety stick that glides on easily without drying your mouth. LaMarca blots, and then adds a second layer. Now pucker up, because you’re beyond selfie ready.


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